Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hebrew Wedding Invitation Ideas

Hebrew / English wedding invitations that compete with the crème de la crème of modern wedding invitation designs offered by the elite of wedding invitation venues can be challenging to find, especially at the right price. While there are certainly exclusive places that will customize anything at the “right” price, most wedding invitation venues (that do not cater to the Jewish target) do not offer off-the-shelf Hebrew wedding invitation designs. In fact, they will tell you the challenges if they were to design a Hebrew wedding invitation such as:
  • They don’t have a Hebrew translator on staff: You, the customer, will need to find someone to provide the Hebrew typed out and edited.
  • Font size will be too small: Font size will be too small to fit on the invitation designs they offer to include both English and Hebrew.
  • Your personal symbol cannot be printed on the invitation: While it is traditional for the kallah and chosson to design a symbol that represents their unity as husband and wife (typically, entwined Hebrew letters representing each of their Hebrew names in the form of some design and found on the wedding invitations, benchers, and / or ceremony booklets), the invitation venue may not be able to print your symbol on the invitation unless you provide a high enough quality graphical image.
These were some of the barriers that I experienced when working some of the highest rated wedding invitation venues out there. Thus, the easier route is to find a wedding invitation venue that caters to the Jewish crowd. Unfortunately, their presence on the web may be disappointing, not providing enough wedding invitation samples online to give you the motivation to go visit their store or order a sample. Further, once you visit their store and are shown samples, you may be sifting through hundreds of samples before finding the sleek, modern or unique varieties you had in mind. But being prepared with samples that you can show these venues will help resolve (most) of the challenges you may experience. Here are some Hebrew wedding invitation varieties to consider:

Redcherry Press offers both traditional and contemporary designs:

Cohen Printing and Invitations offers several Hebrew invitation layouts that can be viewed online:

Stephita provides stylish bilingual options:

Invitations Online offers Hebrew invitation designs:

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  5. Love your blog. One question: Are there any wedding websites or online invitations with a jewish theme or that at least support Hebrew writing? I am from South Africa and my fiance from the US so we dont want to post invitations. Email or online only! I have been struggling to find any. Thanks for the help. Jodi

  6. Hi Jodi - Mazel Tov on your upcoming wedding. I believe would support Hebrew writing, and they have a convenient call center: 1.888.746.2467. I hope this helps!

  7. Hi Jodi - Mazel Tov on your upcoming wedding. Cohen Printing specializes in bilingual (Hebrew English invitations). Check their website Phone no. 201-287-0343 ask to speak with Ruth. Good Luck!

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